Livio Felluga

Livio Felluga portrait

Courageous, visionary, enlightened and retiring, after every challenge Livio Felluga has always returned to his passions: family, the land, his hills. With infinite affection and admiration, Veronelli called him “the countryman”: is there a truer word to define the patriarch of 20th century Friulan winegrowing?

It’s not hard to understand how the story of Livio Felluga and his wine has been interwoven with that of the unique territory surrounding the extreme north-east of the Adriatic, the point of contact between the Mediterranean and central Europe.
A story of changing borders, disappearing empires, past wars; the stories of the people who settled here. The story of a family that lived through two world wars, first in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and then in the new Kingdom of Italy, settling on the rocky coast of the Istrian peninsula and the Grado lagoon.

Livio Felluga moved to Friuli in the late 1930s and made his home on the gentle foothills of Rosazzo. Returning to Italy was not easy for survivors of the Second World War: physical, political and ethnic boundaries had been revolutionised and changed forever, like the farming and social landscape of the hills. The country population was leaving, further impoverishing the land and abandoning the crops, values and traditions bound to it.
Livio Felluga had to take on a new struggle to restore life to these hills, convinced that only a rebirth of quality farming could bring the Friuli countryside back to life.
Courageously, he began to renovate the old vineyards of Rosazzo and plant new ones, introducing innovative ideas and methods.
It was a hard task undertaken with great determination and passion, and would lead him to create one of the most beautiful and significant estates in Italy over the years, earning him the well-deserved title of rebuilder of the Friuli wine tradition.

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There are aromas, flavors, moments, that restore the natural rhythm of the seasons, that reconcile us with the world and with nature.
Livio Felluga wines teach us to recognize and savor a whole history, the sense of unique and exciting work.



Livio Felluga identifies with the best winemaking tradition in Friuli and nowadays, also beyond this chosen land, privileged for its people and its wines. A consolidated customary love of wine has been part of the family for six generations.