White wines

Sauvignon Potentilla

Sauvignon Potentilla
The grapes used in Potentilla have a complex, persuasive character, like the warm summer evenings.

White wines

Sauvignon Potentilla

The name Potentilla comes from the Latin, combining potenza – power – and the diminutive form "illa", to create the meaning of great power in a small flower. The attribution of this virtue apparently depends on the fact that some types of this five-leaved plant have been used for the extraction of tannins for therapeutic purposes. In the language of flowers, potentilla symbolises maternal love, perhaps because the leaves enclose the flower when it rains. We decided we wanted to dedicate this wine to that flower which grows on our hillsides, to tell the story of a vineyard. The grapes used in Potentilla have a complex, persuasive character, like the warm summer evenings: they have an authentic story to tell about our hills.

A mass selection of these medium-sized, fairly sparse bunches was planted near the Strada del Sole – the sunny road – in 1975.
The harvest took place on 11th September 2020. The hand-picked grapes, placed in small crates, were destemmed and left to undergo maceration on the skins for a few hours. The wine was racked into 15-hectolitre casks towards the end of alcoholic fermentation, to permit proper temperature control. Malolactic fermentation took place over one month. Keeping the wine on the yeasts contributed to its creamy texture while barrel ageing enhanced its crispness and complexity. It was bottled on 5th August 2021. It is a Sauvignon DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.

Quattro Cru 2021 Livio Felluga Collection


Tasting notes


Straw-yellow with alluring greenish hues.


Markedly varietal and layered, opening on hints of elderflower, nettle leaves, damson blossom and white gardenia, blending with white peaches and tropical fruit like pineapple, mango and feijoa. Captivating notes of lemon cream enhance the overall bouquet.


A refreshing, perky and well-built entry. A hugely stylish impact on the palate with clear, firm texture. A delicious and long-lasting finish enhanced with tropical notes of passion fruit and golden kiwi, alongside yellow grapefruit, apricot and gooseberries.

Food pairings:

The distinctive aromas make this wine perfect to serve with dishes subtly enhanced by green spicy elements: tuna tacos with avocado and wasabi, red cabbage purée with turmeric and caviar; amberjack carpaccio with prawns and lemongrass, linguine with creamed zucchini, lime and mint, risotto with rocket and basil pesto, tiger prawns and goat cheese mousse, rigatoni with marjoram pesto, burrata and cherry tomato confit.


Collezione Quattro Crù 2020 Livio Felluga

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